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DISCOVERY IN NATURE OF GIANT EXTINCT AND MYTHICAL CREATURES ALIVE:  In Search of an Open-Minded Scientist(Self-Study) -Adam L. McConnell

            Prehistoric and unrecognized gigantic and ferocious creatures(Australopithecus robustus Bigfoot, North America’s upright Great Ape, pterodactyls, unrecognized giant Conger Eel specie and giant bat, plesiosaurs, alive and reproducing as observed and investigated by professionals(cryptozoologists, past member ISCZ)) and the major government’s militaries verifying, inaccurate disinformation accepted by mainstream science and education(education-gate) about the untold true nature of the planet, Sun, Physical Universe, artificial Moon including the Big Bang Theory of Creation of the Universe, horrifying crushing Black Holes in space, an infinite Physical Universe, Darwin’s Theory for the Existence of Man on this planet, and more. (2009), 275 pages.  Ebook